Spiderman: Feeling Underwhelmed

Let me start by saying that yes, the new Spiderman game presented at E3 looks graphically stunning. Through sheer beauty alone it has to be the best iteration of the wall crawler I could possibly ask for, as he seems to flow from move to move almost seamlessly.

That said, from watching the below trailer it seemed really, really, easy. As if the game mechanics depended on pressing X and you would have your cinematic adventure unfold before you. While clearly a stunning game that had been worked on for quite some time, it gave me the impression of being the Spiderman version of Batman Arkham Asylum. That is to say you’ll be able to beat all your enemies with nary a worry and good application of a counter button.

Hopefully my impressions of the game are wrong, as it does look like it be a fun play through, but I’m not going to hold my breath due to all the disappointing Spiderman games in the past.

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