Far Cry 5: Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft has finally shown off some footage for their upcoming Far Cry 5 game, highlighting the game’s new “guns for hire” system. The system works around a variety of NPC’s who each bring a different set of skills to the table, unlike in Far Cry 4 where back up consisted of Turk and his one track skill set.

Here’s a glance at the different skills being brought to the table:

The upcoming game will be settled in Hope County, Montana and focus on the hyper-religious cult leader that has taken over their called “The Father”. The citizens of Hope County are faced with two decisions, join the religious group or die quite brutally.

On a brighter note the game can be played as either single-player or two player co-op. Players will take on the roll of the town’s sheriff, and you are tasked with arresting seed. It’s a shame that you’ll have to kill half the county to do it. For those of you who like a more frontal approach, it seems like Far Cry 5 will be giving us a more violent take on the game as it gives us access to more melee weapons than ever before.

While hardly a huge difference in feel from previous Far Cry games, this version will hopefully be a bit more fun with a full functioning Co-op mode that will ensure the campaign can be played through with friends all the way through.

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