South Korea: Game Hacks Will Now Land You In Jail

To those of you who partake in game hacks, and ruin gaming experiences for many, be glad you don’t live in South Korea. As of June 21 anyone caught creating and distributing video game hacks will be facing some serious penalties, as it has become illegal in South Korea.

GameToc, a Korea news site, has stated that the law was passed last December and will be going into effect later on in this month. The law apparently not only mentions “game hacks” but also has issue with creating and distributing private servers.

Those who are guilty of the crime can be facing a $50,000 fine or, even worse, be looking at up to five years in prison – for game hacking. Admittedly things like this were likely to be more likely as South Korea started taking it’s E-Sports more seriously, but it seems this dropped out of  nowhere on the gaming community.

Either way, it looks like hackers need to beware – you’re in for some serious issues.

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