Pokemon Go: Newest Events

The one year anniversary of Pokemon Go is arriving, and to celebrate the developers have decided to give gamers both an in game event and a real world one in Chicago.

The easy to access in game event Starts June 13, and is called the Solstice Event. It will feature XP bonuses for accurate throws, Ice and Fire type Pokemon can be found, and discounted Lucky Eggs. There will also be some type of collaborative group play feature added in a following update.

The harder to access, unless you live in Chicago, event will be on July 22nd. The Pokemon Go Fest Chicago will start at Grant Park in Chicago and what the event will host, other than “exciting festivities”, is as of yet unknown.

The full release can be read here, as well as where else similar events will eventually take place. As it seems that places around Europe will be also looking forward to some upcoming Pokemon festivities as well.

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