Square Enix: Doesn’t See an End For Final Fantasy 14

The MMO Final Fantasy 14 will be seeing it’s second expansion pack, Stormblood, this June 20th. The add on will bring two new jobs to the game: the samurai and the red mage. This will the amount of jobs in the game, or classes if you want to think of them like that, to 15. However, Square Enix has announced that they don’t think they will be stopping there anytime soon.

The director of the popular game, Naoki Yoshida, had this to say: “I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where we want to stop adding jobs…For future expansions, adding jobs is really important. We couldn’t imagine not having new jobs. It’s part of the Final Fantasy series, and everybody loves jobs.”

The amount of jobs already available in the game are rather astounding, and the fact that it’s going to keep going for the foreseeable future will put it in it’s own league when compared to other MMO’s. As many of them don’t hit such high numbers in terms of job classes and different abilities. While stories for games are always expanding, character classes are often neglected. However Yoshida has no desire to stop working on it, stating instead that: “I don’t get the urge to move on to a new game at all,”.

So what’s next for the future of Final Fantasy 14? I guess we will just wait and see. Here is the trailer footage for the newest expansion coming – Stormblood.

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