Valve: Changes Coming

Earlier in the year, Valve announced that it was going to eliminate Steam Greenlight. A new method of approving games was presented by the platform, and new information has been released on the upcoming method.

At the timeValve stated that it was considering a submission fee for every game given to their new process, Steam Direct. The price of the submissions would range anywhere between $100 to $5,000. This had the community in an uproar when announced, for while it is possible to make that back off a game the seed money is definitely hard to obtain.

That said, Valve has decided that the fee for every game will be a flat $100 as opposed to higher costs hindering developers. Valve went on to state that this “gives every game developer a chance to get their game in front of players.”Steam_greenlight-820x420

With the removal of the Greenlight process, and developers no longer depending on the community for support, games will likely be exploding all over Steam. Though whether or not this is good remains to be seen, as shitty games might flood the market on masse. This remains to be seen.

A release date for the upcoming Steam Direct has yet to be clarified, but as soon as we know – you will too.

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