Tokyo 42: A Cute Hotline Miami Type Game

Tokyo 42 is a colorful looking game, but one that reminds me strongly of another hit title – Hotline Miami. It’s got death and destruction written across its small pixelated walls, and it does it in a fun way.

The new game finds your character framed for murder, and you find yourself ducking into the criminal underbelly of the world to find out exactly why. However instead of just posing as a seedy individual, you must truly become one to find your way into the trust of the people in the know. That said, your character turns assassin to build up their respect in the criminal underworld. You must buy new gear, think of ways to approach the situation, and uncover new information. All done with a colorful flair that belies its darker gameplay.maxresdefault (3)From sniping men in suits, to starting a turf war, each new mission will have you doing something fun and violent in this cyberpunk world. The game is colorful and full of tons of neon colors, and beautiful lush parks. All of which you must delve through, deciding on whether to approach the level with stealth or if you want to go in shooting everything.

I usually end up shooting everything, cause I suck at stealth.

The game’s camera angles are a little iffy on the computer from what I understand, and using a controller makes it a much smoother game to play. That said, it feels like a much more colorful version of Hotline Miami, with death and plenty of save points waiting for you every step of the way. The game features a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode that has been unexplored. It can be played on both the Xbox One and PC, PS4 access coming soon.

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