Overwatch: People Upset at Roadhog Changes

The change made to Overwatch’s tank Roadhog have made many people on the public test region unhappy. The tweaks made to Roadhogs gun, which were meant to make him more balanced, have instead made him useless in the eyes of many.

The scrap gun, Roadhogs weapon of choice, now fires 30 percent faster than before. However this comes at the price of losing 33 percent damage with its hits – a rather large margin. While the clip size has also increased, going from four rounds to five, this hardly outweighs the loss of damage each individual strike gives. This was in fact what Blizzard intended, as they meant to make Roadhog – who often one shot killed weaker heroes – less powerful or so says the patch notes. “The Scrap Gun changes reduce the power of his hook combo and alternate fire burst damage potential while still keeping his [damage per second] roughly the same”.

A visual change went up for players to see nearly immediately on Reddit:

This has caused an outrage in the Roadhog community as people are claiming that changes made to his gun have not only thrown off their rhythm, but also made it impossible to finish some people off with their normal hook and blast combo. Now players are willing to endure Roadhogs favorite combo because not only will they survive, but they can also fight him in a 1v1 setting at close range.

Though this change has hardly been met with complete hate, as one twitter user posted a tweet that I found hysterical in nature – and one that I understood deep in my heart.

While the changes aren’t final in nature, this might be the proviable end for dear old Roadhog – and for me it’s hardly a tearful goodbye.

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