Nintendo Switch Headset: Seems Bad

The manufacturer company Hori has stated that when Splatoon 2 is released they will release a Nintendo Switch headset alongside it. It is the first of it’s kind and it isn’t being received well by the community, or myself, due to how ridiculous the setup seems to look.

While on the bright side the actual headset looks like a sleek design, with pop art featured on both ear pieces. In fact, it looks like it came straight of Splatoon itself – though that is the point according to Hori’s twitter account.

However that’s where the good ends for many people, as the way it connects into the system and works isn’t exactly easy. If you look at the diagram below, you’ll see that the headset plugs into a splitter. This splitter then sends the cables in two directions: one into a cell phone, the other into the Switch’s headphone jack.DBOQupHUQAA_yjk

Just to clarify, using your cell phone isn’t an OPTION, so much as what you have to do. You must connect to your phone and your Switch to access the voice talk app that is present on your phone, and thus talk with your friends. Essentially you’ll have cables going this way and that to use your headset, and more than a few gamers will be annoyed at the lack of foresight on Nintendo’s part.

I guess this is only important if you actually want to talk to your friends, which I do, but to others this is just another reason that folk may think Nintendo doesn’t know what they are doing.

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