Last Of Us: Tess As The Main Character

To those of you who loved The Last of Us but felt completely wounded at the death of – incoming spoilers – Tess near the beginning of the game, well here’s your chance to see her ‘alive’ and in action.

A modder has changed up the story of the game, and replaced our favorite survivor duo Ellie and Joel with Tess and Ellie. While Tess herself seemed to be a strong love interest, or at least possess a strong bond with Joel before her death, her character wasn’t revisited again throughout the story but her loss was felt strongly.

That said, let’s peer in through the looking glass as to what the game might have looked like had Tess taken the wheel and gone forward with Ellie in the story.
The last of Us Part 2 was announced back in December, and the story that captivated so many will be returning to our gaming screens soon. Though whether or not Joel will still be in it, or only appear via flashbacks, remains to be seen.

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