Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Back In The Company’s Hands

Square Enix, the company that has brought us a ton of fantastic RPG games over the years, has brought their newest title – or oldest – Final Fantasy 7 Remake back in house. They have decided to not us outside developers to help build up their favorite title.

The upcoming remake was being partially handled by CyberConnect2, the same company that helped work on the Naruto series. Square Enix has decided to go a different route now and has choosen to make Naoki Hamaguchi, the man who helped develop Mobius Final Fantasy, to take the helms of the development team.

In a long Youtube stream that was promoting Mobius, that was translated by Nova Crystallis,  Hamaguchi spoke about the upcoming change – stating the following: “So far, development has carried out mainly with the support of external partners…However, in view of factors such as improving quality when the product goes into mass production in the future, the company has decided to shift the developmental system back to within the company, so as to maintain a stable schedule and have control over factor such as quality.” This statement makes me believe that perhaps CyberConnect2 wasn’t developing either fast enough, or to a high enough standard for Square Enix – though that’s merely conjecture.Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-5-1280x720

There’s still no words as to when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released, but it’s being waited for with baited breath by many gamers. So this news might fall on pleased ears, knowing that the company is finally handling it fully on their own.

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