Nintendo: Banning Hacked 3D’s

A banning spree has come forth from Nintendo, and the 3D’s community is feeling their wrath as the company knocks hacked 3D’s offline.

To those of you who have been hit with “Error Code: 002-0102”, I’m sorry to say you’ve been banned from the online community. To readers just seeing this for the first time, and haven’t touched their 3D’s in a little bit, you can test this by simply opening up your friends list. If you’re not hit with the error code, you can just assume that for now you’re in the clear.

It’s been admitted by many banned parties that they have custom firmware installed on their systems. This means that they have been altering their 3D’s in ways outside of the normal Nintendo procedure. While some people claim that they haven’t done anything, though doubtful, it seems apparent that Nintendo is trying to crack down on the community.
Nintendo themselves had this to say on the situation:

As a result of a number of users making unauthorized system modifications, playing unauthorized versions of one or more games and/or connecting to the game servers in violation of our terms of service, Nintendo has banned those users’ systems from accessing its online network, effective immediately.

While banned users can still play games in single player mode, their online usage has been stopped all together. That means that online games, and things like the Miiverse are unavailable to players. That said, if you made it through the banning wave here’s hoping you stay in the clear gamer.

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