The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 5 Release Date

The final drop in Telltale’s current Walking Dead game, A New Frontier, is right over the horizon. Telltale has announced that Episode 5 of the episodic adventure will launch this May 30th, and will be released to the PS4, PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

If you already own the game’s season pass, you’ll gain access to the next episode automatically. For those of you who prefer physical copies of games, one is already available.

In a blog post on the telltale website, they have stated that the episode is the “most tailored” to date. This has never been more apparent as the decisions you have made for the last four episodes will effect what will likely be a dramatic conclusion. In the coming week, Telltale plans to release both a gameplay trailer and a video that has developers discussing the last episode. So make sure to stay tuned.

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