Overwatch’s Birthday: New Skins, Maps And More

With it coming up on a year for Blizzard’s favorite FPS, Overwatch, some presents are coming our way. While developers over at Blizzard have been teasing an upcoming event to celebrate the coming of age, a whole host of an in game goodies are coming as well. This ranges from new maps, cosmetic items, new dancing emotes and more.

Blizzard has been teasing the newest additions to the game, while leaving out what they new event will be, bit by bit. One such addition to the game concentrates on skins for our favorite heroes, giving each of them a unique new look for the upcoming event. The team over at Overwatch has leaked out a few samples for our pleasure:

To go with the skins comes some nifty dance emotes that will have our favorite characters busting a move across the screen:

On top of that will be three new arena style maps, made for our fighting pleasure. They are variations on maps that already exist in the Overwatch world, the maps being Anubis, Dorado and Eichenwalde.

And finally, besides the actual event reveal, we have some new voice lines to go along with the maps. After all, you want some new lines to go with everything else that’s available to you.

The Overwatch Anniversary lands in our hands this upcoming Tuesday, May 23rd and runs through until June 12. Though who knows, if it’s popular enough it might just stick around like capture the flag.

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