Splatoon Manga Getting English Translation

For those of you who love the game Splatoon and are manga lovers as well, then here comes the perfect manga for you. The official Splatoon manga that has been around in Japan for quite sometime is getting itself an official english translation this year, so says publisher Viz Media this week.

The manga is for all ages, and is based on the original Wii U game. It concentrates on four Inklings that have been caught up in the Splatoon War. The manga promises, according to artist Hinodeya Sankichi, “all-new adventures inspired by the hit Nintendo video game”. That said, it looks colorful as heck and a fun read if nothing else for a younger generation of gamers.splatoon_manga

Splatoon 2 will be dropping on the Nintendo Switch this July 21st. The only thing to wonder is if the game will tie in at all to the manga, or if they will be separate adventures all together.

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