Pokemon’s Go Newest Event: Fossil Hunting

Pokemon Go, a game that seems to keep on trucking, has a special new event for the upcoming week. The event concentrates on rock-type Pokemon and has been dubbed “Adventure Week” by the developers over Niantic. Wherein which players have been encouraged to go and and find themselves some Omanyte, Aerodactyl, and Kabuto – all of which are fossil based monsters.

The above Pokemon, as well as SudoWoodo and Onix, will be much more common to encounter throughout the week. The event will only run from May 18th until May 25th, meaning you have a full week to collect yourself some rock type Pokemon.

As a bonus, Niantic has ensured a few special features will be added during the week. First of which is that PokeStops will hand out more items than usual. As well as ensuring that buddy Pokemon only need to travel a shorter distance to collect candy for you. The last little addition for players is that, if you log on during the week, you will get a special event item: the Adventurer’s Hat.

So get out there and collect yourself some goodies during the upcoming week guys, and tell us what Pokemon you manage to collect.

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