Twitch: Choose Your Own Adventure Tv Series

The popular streaming platform, Twitch, has decided it want’s to make its own original TV series. Hardly a groundbreaking idea, but this show will come with its own twist – as the company wants to create a show that will be ‘interactive’ in nature. What this means is that, through the help of Twitch fan’s everywhere, the show will become a choose your own adventure series.

The company is still looking for someone to join in on the idea with them, but with Twitch currently boasting 100 million viewers monthly it’s only a matter of time before someone tags onto the idea. The potential success of it must have people sniffing around even now.

The idea for the show seems to have spring boarded off of Twitch’s similar premise in 2014. Then it concentrated on its game stream called Twitch Plays Pokemon, wherein which thousand of Twitch users came together to complete one full version of Pokemon Red. The ensuing madness that was thousands of voices lending their opinion to one game caused one heck of a show – leading to a 16 day show of continuous play. The show will be performed in a much similar manner, where actors would perform decisions based on decisions made by the viewers. Thus allowing us to steer the direction of the series at our leisure.

It’s an interesting premise that’s for sure, now if Twitch can pull it off remains to be seen. Also who will get into bed with the company as well remains completely unknown. However with more places than just Twitch looking into making interactive stories the future for TV looks a little bit interesting.

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