Nintendo: Ever Oasis

Nintendo has just released a two minute trailer for their upcoming project called Ever Oasis. The game focuses on our main protagonist which is a ‘Seedling’ and the Oasis he must protect.

The premise of the game is simple, desert’s are the lay of the land in this world – the only places to live being oasis. These oasis’s have been created, and are tended to, by individuals known as Seedlings. Yet like all peaceful things in rpg’s, these peaceful areas are threatened by animals that have turned savage in nature. It’s on us to make sure that these places stay safe, or else the world’s inhabitants will have no place to call their own.

In the above trailer we get to see the shops and residents that reside in the town we are bound to protect – along with the enemies that will try to make their way into our homes. On top of that we get to see some of the dungeons and desert areas that will be available for us to explore.

Ever Oasis will be dropping onto the Nintendo 3DS this June 23rd, 2017 – though Japan will get the game this July 13th, as always a bit earlier than the rest of the world.

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