Friday The 13th Game: Coming This May

Friday the 13th, a horror movie that is well known throughout the ages, is finally getting a game – though it’s admittedly only getting a kick started game.

That’s right, coming this May 26th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC the horror game will drop. Though currently it will only be dropping in its multiplayer form, as the single player campaign will be coming later in an update.

The multiplayer seems to play like a horrible game of Evolve, with the monster being Jason, and 7 unlucky camp counsellors being the hunted. The online mode comes with three maps to choose from, Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, and Packanack Lodge. All of which will have you running in terror from Jason’s over powered self, and trying to come up with clever ways to put down the tyrant for good – or at least watch your friends die first.

While looking a bit on the cheesy side, the game does admittedly seem like a fun time to be had amongst your friends. It will likely involve some laughter and tons of beer – so happy gaming to those of you who grab the title.

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