Dota 2: Register Your Phone Number For Ranked Matches

Dota 2 has new requirements for those of you participating in ranked matches, that being players now need to link their phone number to their accounts. The point of this is to deal with players who have taken to creating multiple accounts due to an assortment of reasons.

The biggest issue with individuals having multiple accounts has to do with players participating in what is called “smurfing”. Which is a practice done by veteran players who have chosen to pretend that they are beginner players – a practice that is both annoying and hurtful to the gaming community. Another reason players do this is to get around being placed lower in the priority matchmaking queue due to their own bad behavior – which they deserve.

The reasons for multiple accounts, whatever they may be, “create a negative matchmaking experience at all skill brackets”, Valve said on their blog. That said, the changes to combat this will take effect May 4th. Though admittedly, even from Valve, having a linked number won’t completely stop the creation of multiple accounts. However it will manage to put a serious hamper in the creation of these “cheat” accounts.

It is worth noting that linking your account is only necessary for ranked matches, so for those of you who are casual players and don’t feel comfortable giving away such information – worry not. Also no numbers used by online services, such as Google Talk and the like, can be used as a registered number. So give your real number or just give it up in general.

How do you guys think this will affect the Dota community in general? Let us know in the comments below.

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