Super Rude Bear Resurrection Release Date

Another day, another wacky game. Super Rude Bear Resurrection, a game that sort of reminds people of Super Meat Boy, has a release date in site. That being May 5th, for the easy price of $15. The game will be released initially on both the PS4 and PC, while an Xbox version is still being worked on.

The game is hardly a gaming wonder, but does prove fun to play and also very frustrating – as many games in this vein usually do. A cool feature, for those of you who like these type of games, lays in the fact that when you die – and you will die – that you can use your corpses to help you in the future. What that means is that while you respond at your previous checkpoint in the level, when you return to the area in which you died, whether that be a spike pit or a wall of rods, your corpse will be there to act as a springboard for your success. You literally will be using your previous losses as a means to go further in the game. Which is awesome, especially if you die in the same area again and again.

A wall of dead teddy bears to ensure your success is always a great thing.


Overall the game looks fun to play, and something good to play quickly while you’re waiting for new hit games to come out onto the market.

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