A Case of Distrust: A Mystery Game To Enjoy

There are a host of games that allow you to shoot your way to freedom, or hack your way through a horde of enemies. However what’s sadly in the minority, despite me enjoying them greatly, are games that are just story based and involve a good ol’ mystery. That said, on Steam Greenlight is a game that fits this niche and it’s called A Case of Distrust.

A Case of Distrust appears to be a very artistic take on a mystery game, and doesn’t seem to involve fight scenes or long chase scenes. Rather it seems to concentrate on  narrative and drawing you in with it’s unique tone. This seems to be understandable given that, according to its Steam page, it was influenced by a host of mystery novels and dialogue games. Such as Sherlock Holmes, the adventure game 80 days and Phoenix Wright, and mystery writer Raymond Chandler.

The game itself is a 2D driven adventure that is set in San Francisco back in 1924. We take control of a female investigator who must explore the underground, smoke filled billiard rooms, classic barber shops, and anything else your mind associates with that gangster totting time. Our job is simple, discover clues, catch our suspects in lies, and uncover the truth of each case.

Overall the game looks enjoyable as it is, and I’m pretty excited to see the full game released. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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