SNES Classic On The Way?

In a very predictable move on Nintendo’s part, Eurogamer has reported that a SNES Classic Edition is apparently on the way. This information comes on the tail end of Nintendo’s announcement that they were discontinuing the NES Classic Edition.

While we still haven’t heard directly from Nintendo, the release of a Super Nintendo Classic Edition has been an idea floated around by many when the news of the NES being discontinued hit the market. After all, why kill a good selling product unless you have another one coming to our shores.super-mario-world-05

On top of that Eurogamer has a decent enough track record with Nintendo rumors, as they were able to keep track of many functions of the Nintendo Switch prior to it’s release. That said, and my own belief that Nintendo will do anything at this point to render better sales, I totally believe this system will be coming soon. Unless Nintendo seems to drop the ball on such an easy money grab.

Well…it is Nintendo…..

That aside, I guess the question at this point is going to be, what games would you expect on an SNES? Let us know in the comments what you would like to see on the potential SNES.

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