Steam: Not the Only Marketplace These Days

Steam has been a huge marketplace for PC gaming in North America for what feels like years. It has, in my opinion, been the undisputed king in terms of users and purchases on the PC store front. However it seems that there is a stir in the air over a new competitor coming into the marketplace and whether or not that will remain true is waiting to be seen.

The newest challenger for the crown is a chinese megacorporation by the name of Tencent. The game corporation is bringing out a new service, or rather refreshing an old one, called “WeGame” which will support users from across the world as oppose to just Chinese ones.

The news was brought to us by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad. Apparently, from Daniels translations of the Chinese Kanji, he determined that all users will be able to access to the new marketplace through a single store front.

What really is impressive though is that the program apparently already boasts a whopping 200 million users, which is higher than Steams 125 million.  With numbers like this, it’s easy to think that we have a new giant stepping out onto Steam’s territory. Especially given that it might get a huge influx of Western users in the upcoming months.

Though it won’t happen right away, as people are still fond of Steam and old habits die hard, it seems like Steam has to get in the ring if they want to keep the market for themselves.

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