GTA V: Rick and Morty Mod

When gamers get bored, odd things can be created. With that in mind, it’s hardly suprising – though disturbing in some cases – to see the ever popular GTA V get a new mod. A new mod that concentrates on a rather popular television show called Rick and Morty.

Many of you no doubt watch the show, and for those of you who don’t? I’m sure you will check it out now. If only to understand the madness that has been unleashed on the GTA hemisphere due to modder Jedidiah515.

The game now looks like a longer taker on the episode ‘Look Who’s Purging Now’ from season 2 of the show. Except this time there is no escape, except through death. The madness doesn’t just stop with Rick killing every single person he see’s, no that would be to easy. The game can, and will, be infested with the characters everywhere. This can lead to some rather….disturbing scenes.

As to why Jedidiah525 went through the effort of creating this madness, well he explains on the mod page that he’s simple “a huge fan of Rick and Morty, and since it has not been made yet, I decided to port a model base on Rick Sanchez.” Now go have some fun guys, while I scrub my eyes clean.

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