Mr.Shifty: Hotline Miami’s Spiritual Successor

Hotline Miami was a hard to win game, and it seems that this trend wants to continue with a game out on the Nintendo Switch and Steam called Mr.Shifty. However this version of the game has a unique twist: Superpowers.

The game, as you can see, is played from a top down view and involves your protagonist surviving increasingly harder fight scenarios. Just like in Hotline Miami, these combat situations often lead to your death, again and again. Wherein which you will be forced to start the level all over again.

The unique part of it all lies in your ability to teleport from one place to another. That’s right, you can blink through walls, past bullets, and even past enemies. This is especially important as the protagonist seems to favor his fists, and melee weapons, as opposed to guns. That said, move quick or you’ll be cut down in your lack of haste.

Let us know what you think of the game if you’ve played it in the comments below.

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