TumbleSeed: Where Balance, and Patience, is Tested

It usually takes games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Nioh for me to give up the fight on any game. However it looks like TumbleSeed might be up there with these hyper hard games, if only because I don’t know if I can balance my way through each level.

The game was inspired by an old arcade game called Ice Cold Beer, wherein which players balanced a steel ball on a simple metal rail, navigating their way through a minefield of holes. To those of you who watched the trailer above, I’m sure that seems familiar now. This version of the game, thanks to its development team, has taken the game one step further. They have added in a “suit” dynamic, which gives players different abilities – both defensive and offensive.

The game is going to launch for the Mac, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and PlayStation 4 this upcoming May. It will also likely drive me insane to beat, as I can only see myself falling into the holes that these maps have to offer again, and again.

I should probably just stick to my FPS games, where when you lose – you shoot out your woes.

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