Joy-Con: Battery Pack Extension Coming

A problem with battery life is a gamer’s worst enemy, no matter the system. Doubly so with systems that you cannot charge your controller as you play – as you slowly get to watch your battery life drain away.

That said, the Nintendo Switch is trying to address their battery life issue early on – though admittedly it looks kind of clunky. They are doing so by adding a battery pack to the back of your Joy Con controller, which in turn will let you play your video games a little longer than normal.


While I’m sure it will be a great addition to the Joy Con controller, the pack looks rather large on back of the controller, and not something I’d enjoy having there. How it will affect the feel of the controller in your hand is also something I’m eager to find out about. However hats off to Nintendo for trying to patch the problem ahead of time.

The battery pack will be available in the US around June 16th, though as of yet no price point has been confirmed.

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