Pokemon Go: Easter Egg Event

It’s Pokemon were hunting this season – Pokemon Eggs to be exact.

An event has been kicked off by Pokemon Go that focuses on the easter holiday. That said, until April 20th at 1pm trainers should be going out on a Pokemon Egg hunt. The developers over at Niantic have decided that they will increase the variety of Pokemon to be found in the eggs of your neighborhood. So for the next few days, hunt, hunt, and hunt some more.

Not only will your Pokemon spreadsheet increase, but also hatching Pokemon eggs will earn players more candy. Which is always an added bonus, as feeding your Pokemon tons of candy to help them grow is what all players aim for.


Than of course we have the added benefit of earning twice as much experience while the easter event is on going. So to those of you looking too get twice the benefits from only the normal amount of work, nows the time to jump on board.

If only for a short duration again – as Pokemon Go seems to ebb and flow in popularity.
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