Overwatch: New Event Called Uprising Going Live

As the seasons change, so to do the event’s within the world of Overwatch. That said, Overwatch has released its newest seasonal challenge – Uprising. Uprising takes us back in Overwatch history to a “pivotal moment” for the Heroes, and Overwatch’s, history. The mode can be found on all three platforms that support Overwatch; the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

In this mode you will take on the role of either Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, or Torbjorn. All four of the Heroes will participate in a wave mode, as Omnic extremists called the Null Sector come down on your team continuously in a modified version of the map King’s Row. You can also choose to play this mode also with any of the Overwatch cast, however that doesn’t seem to be the intended playthrough – as the original story concentrates on the aforementioned four. This is in particular an important mission for Tracer as, if you watch the video below, it is reported to be her first mission with the Overwatch team.

To those of you into the item collecting business, 100 more cosmetic items will be available to earn through loot boxes during this season. So get to collecting them before they disappear again. Post up pictures of any cool costumes you get in the comments section – just so we all know what to aim for.

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