Microsoft Xbox Sale In Full Swing

The Microsoft Xbox Sale has started, and there are some keepers on the board. Not only is the price range for many of the game’s stellar, but also the selection seems pretty vast in nature. This allows gamers of all kinds to reach out and find a game of their choice. Major Nelson has posted a whole list on his blog of the available games, as well as the amount of discount you’ll be receiving for each item.

The Microsoft Sale comes around often enough that people sometimes overlook it due to the mentality that “it will be back soon”. That said, you should really take a gander this year, there are some worth wild buys.

Some games worth mentioning are ones like Fallout 4, which is down to $19.80 – from 59.99, or Batman: Arkham Knight at $20.00. There is also Watch Dogs 2 for $30.00, Overwatch at $44.99, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’d advice going on over and checking out Nelson’s blog this week, and really deciding what games you’re going to be scooping up while deals last. That said, don’t go kick yourself in the foot later if you forget about these savings to be had.

Let us know in the comments which games you’re going to be grabbing, and why!

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