Microsoft’s Spring Sale

It’s that time of year folks, this years Microsoft Spring sale is coming and will run from April 11th – 17th. This is was announced by Microsoft’s Major Nelson, revealing that their will be up to 350 games involved in the sale. The discounts on the games will be various, going as far as 67 percent for some. With Xbox Live Gold members saving at least 10 percent more on their purchases.

What games will be up for sale are as of yet unknown, though we do know that games such as Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, and even Titanfall 2 will be up for grabs.

It’s worth noting that not only games will be on sale, but also movies and music as well. So take a gander, and you might find a little bit of everything to your liking.

Let us know in the comments what games you’d like to see go up on sale.

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