University of Utah: Offering League of Legends Scholarship

Those moments of my childhood, wherein my father would tell me that playing video games would never help, came rushing back to mind as I head the recent news. That news being that the University of Utah had just announced a varsity esports program – starting with League of Legends.

The best part is that this school, that is rather sizeable and well known, isn’t going to be stopping at just this one game. They plan on bringing in at least four more games into the fold, though which as of yet are unknown.


A team will be comprised together for the school, composed of the campus’s esports group Crimson Gaming, as well as some high school recruits. All of whom will receive a partial scholarship to help pay their way through school.

So to those of you looking to pay your way through school in Utah, and are really good at gaming, well go check this out.

Let us know in the comments below on what you guys think this means for the future of gaming, and whether other schools will be getting onboard with such an initiative.

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