Dragon Quest Heroes II: Demo for PS4

To those of you who enjoy an RPG adventure, and are a huge Dragon Quest player, here comes Dragon Quest Heroes II on the Playstation 4.

The sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes will be sliding its way into our lives April 25th for North America, and April 28th for Europe. Dragon Quest Heroes II allows you to play as 15 characters from the series, though the demo only lets you access four of them. That said, you will be able to experience the game play so as to make an informed decision.

However what’s worth noting, especially for me as I love playing games with friends, is that this sequel allows for a cooperative multiplayer mode. In the cooperative game mode you can have up to 4 players help you face off against a swarm of enemies.

To those of you who like pre order bonuses, the game is offering 15 bonus weapons, a Dragons Quest hero Costume, a Dragon Quest PS4 theme and finally a “Healix the Hero Recipe” which can be used in game.

The game is already out in Japan, no surprise, for the Nintendo Switch. So feel free to look up reviews on it for a more thorough understanding on what the game has to offer.

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