Sega: Bayonetta Countdown?

A mysterious clock has started winding down courtesy of sega, and it seems to be hinting at the release of a some new Bayonetta news. Mayhaps the release of a new game?

The counter was first discovered, on a secret site, after people gained two achievements in the company’s free to play April Fools Day joke. The 8-bit game hid a special URL within the achievements that led to the aforementioned page – a page that was very blank except for a timer and the very vague image of Bayonetta’s foot in the background.


Of course the world of Reddit has provided some sort of answer, as a fan has pointed out that the image comes from the first Bayonetta game. That, in connection with the fact that the teaser came from a game on steam, has led people to believe that Bayonetta will be porting itself over to the PC sometime soon.

The counter is is set to finish on April 11th at 12 pm, now it’s just a wait and see philosophy for us. Let us know in the comments on what you think is going to happen when the counter reaches zero.

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