Overwatch: Teasing Us Yet Again

Overwatch is constantly trying to give fans everywhere one surprise after another, and it seems that this month will be time for yet another one. Or at least that’s what Overwatch’s social media is teasing for those who have had a gander recently.

People are trying their hardest to pick the teaser apart, especially those on reddit. They have noticed that their is briefly a 3d model of Tracer in the background, as well as a poster that makes reference to a “mandatory robot registration”. This likely references Tracers first appearance in the animated short “alive”, wherein which she failed to save Mondatta from Widowmakers bullet. Though the question of what kind of new information we will gain from this, and why it is important enough to give us a tease about, is still up in the air.

Whether it be a new lore based event, or perhaps information on another Hero that might have been involved, we have no clue currently. However we will be sure to keep our eyes and ears open. On the bright side, the information will drop April 11th so at least we don’t have to wait to long. That said, make sure to let us know in the comments on what you think this is hinting at!

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