EA: Giving Out Some Goodies To Their Loyal Clients

It’s nice when game developers decide to give gamers nice surprises. Whether that’s a few free games, or some free services, it makes gamers feel appreciated. That said, EA has decided to do something ‘nice’ for subscribers of their EA Access service that have been their “from the start”. This gift happens to be a sizeable external hard drive, 2 TB’s worth.

Recently there have been reports from people on twitter that they received their care package in the mail. However it didn’t just include a 2 TB external hard drive, but also three one month EA Access membership codes and also a note from EA saying the following:

We figured with the 40+ games in the Vault, you could use some extra hard drive space, plus a little extra something to get your whole crew on board”.

Good guy EA.

It’s worth noting that the Seagate hard drive usually goes for around $100 which, while not super expensive, is enough to make gamers hesitate. Admittedly the access membership only costs $5, however in conjunction with the hard drive it’s a sizeable gift.

Now if only Sony would send me a hard drive for being a loyal Sony client for years.

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