Zelda Breath of The Wild: Take Control of A Guardian

To those of you who haven’t explored the realm of Nintendo’s newest game as far as you might have liked, here’s a nifty little trick that we read up on today: Taking Control of a Guardian. I’m not talking about just gently tricking the behemoth of a monster into doing your bidding, but rather actually going inside him and using it as a tank.

Fun stuff.

To take control of the guardian though, you need a special item that will have you doing some travelling over Hyrule. The items necessary for what you need are as follows: a fang from every one of the game’s dragons, a Giant Ancient core, and poof one Ancient Guardian Key is now in your possession. Admittedly getting the fangs takes sometime, and good bowman ship on your part as you need to knock a tooth out of the mouth of each dragon. However it is totally doable.

Easy enough right?3215112-enter

Once you’ve created the key the inscription will read “You’ve distilled the Power, Wisdom, and Courage of Hyrule’s three dragons into a mysterious key. It glows with energy when Ancient Guardians are near, but what could it be used for…?”. A real head scratcher for us at this point, except not really. If you take this key, and manage to get close to on an unsuspecting guardian (as one that has detected you will be far too busy trying to kill you), you will be given a new option: Enter. That’s right guys, suddenly you will find yourself inside the guardian – and controlling it and it’s laser beam of death. 3215114-viewLet us know in the comments on what kinda hijinx you get up to while using this monster as you personal toy, and how many other creatures you mow down with it.

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