Rocket League: Bringing The Fate of The Furious to The Game

Rocket League has decided to bring in a movie favorite for fan’s everywhere, as the developers over at Psyonix decide to bring in a car from the next installment in the Fast and Furious.

That car belongs to Dominic Torreto, no surprise there, and is the Ice Charge. The Ice Charger seems to be a souped up Dodge Charger that can be seen near the end of the movie trailer – outrunning a submarine.

Psyonix will be selling the car for $1.99, and it will come with some exclusive wheels and decals. This ranges from Crazy Sandwich, Flames, Rakugaki, Rally, Clean Cut, and CCCXL. Overall the car looks like Dominic himself made the car for you to rip up the turf in Rocket League. Now it’s up to you to make him proud.

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