Injustice 2 brings Captain Cold and Scarecrow Into the Fold

Another selection of characters has made their way into Injustice 2, and they’re two classics for the DC world. To those of you who haven’t read the title of this article, sliding on on are both Captain Cold and Scarecrow.

The release trailer for the two new villains highlights not only their own style of play, but also gives us a new look at Bane and Gorilla Grodd. Amusingly enough, all of these characters are either enemies of the Flash or Batman respectively. That said, someone must want these two heroes going toe to toe with some old nemesis.

Bane and Gorilla Grodd play differently then the two new villains, as these two are seemingly just brawler type characters. While Grodd does have the use of his psionic abilities to help do some damage from afar, his play style seems to be a catch em and smash em type. However Captain Cold and Scarecrow seem to require a bit more finesse. Scarecrows abilities seemed centered on the use of his hook and chain, working in conjunction with his obvious weapon of choice – fear inducing gas. In turn Captain cold obviously uses abilities based around ice attacks, seemingly like a DC version of Sub Zero.

With everyday the number of Injustice 2 characters seem to grow, that said, by the time it arrives on May 16th were sure to have one heck of a roster to choose from.

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