Heroes of The Storm 2.0 Update: Feeling A Bit Like Overwatch

Blizzard has decided that their free to play game, Heroes of the Storm, needs some tweaking. Thus enters version 2.0, a version that admittedly feels a bit like Blizzard’s FPS game Overwatch in some moments.

The director of Heroes of the Storm, Alan Dabri, had a lot to say in the video below. He goes on to cover a lot of what will be different in the update.

There are a variety of new things coming, not least of which is the new progression system. Where hero level caps have been removed and players can now go beyond level 20 with respective characters – which was the previous cap. The separate player level also has changed, to reflect the “sum of all hero levels you’ve obtained” – whereas before it stopped at level 40.

As the video above showcased, the player levels aren’t the only thing that have changed. The reward system itself has changed, becoming a reflection of Blizzards arguably more popular game ‘Overwatch’. Wherein which players, upon every level gained, get a loot chest every time a hero gains a level.

Just like in Overwatch, loot chests will include a variety of items. This ranges from rare to epic items – the luck of the draw is what you will be depending on here. Which might be admittedly better for a lot of players, as the previous system made players earn these items or use actual cash. On top of that, in game currency can be used to pick up new heroes as well. While the new currency, shards – which you can from getting duplicate loot chests, will purchase cosmetic items.

Other new features include a new hero: Cassia. Check out her coming out trailer below.

Overall, it seems like a busy update for Heroes of the Storm. Let us know in the comments what you think on the upcoming updates.

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