Watch Dogs 2: Offers New Multiplayer Mode For Free

Ubisoft has decided recently to make “Showdown”, the newest multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs 2 DLC expansion titled No Compromise, completely free.

The DLC itself will be available to play April 18th for the PlayStation 4, while PC and Xbox One users will get it May 18th. The premise of the upcoming content lays on the main protagonist going toe to toe with Russian criminals.

Due to the multiplayer mode now being made free to play, Ubisoft is looking to make it up to those who have bought the DLC package and will instead offer some extra goodies in game to them. This ranges from “new ability-granting outfits and vehicles, nonlethal weapons” to “single-player time trials that weren’t originally part of the package.”

Showdown features three new game modes for players to enjoy online, and is being offered for free due to an outcry from the Watch Dog community asking for more multiplayer options. That said, from a longevity point of view it’s the correct move. If gamers are still playing your game due to lively online play, they are likely to still be purchasing upcoming DLC packages for your game as well.

Let us know in the comments on whether or not you’ll be picking up not only the DLC, but also if you’ll be trying out the new multiplayer mode when it drops.

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