TellTale Game’s: Guardians Of The Galaxy Releases In April

To those of you who love those story driven games, many of which TellTale has given to us in the past few years, and love comics – here comes the perfect little combo: Guardians of the Galaxy. The episodic series that is being worked on by Telltale Games’ will hopefully be one heck of an adventure, as it features one of my favorite Marvel teams.

The first episode of five, “Tangled up in Blue”, will be arriving this April 18th on the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android. It’s cost though will leave you staggering, a whopping $5. That’s right guys, you might break your bank trying to buy this game. To those who want to wait for for a hard copy of the game, it should be available sometime in May. It will allow purchasers to gain access to all episodes as they become downloadable – giving you access to the newest in the story right away.

A new trailer will also be dropping for the upcoming game, as oppose to the extreme teaser above, on March 30th. Funnily enough, this day concides with the same day that Bungie will be dropping their worldwide trailer for upcoming FPS game Destiny 2. So keep your eyes glued to our site and we will be giving you both trailers that day with our take on what’s to come for both series.

Let us know in the comments below on how you feel about an upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy Telltale Game.

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