Final Fantasy 15: Newest DLC Show’s A Darker Prompto

Final Fantasy 15 has already given gamers it’s first stand alone DLC content titled: Episode Gladiolus. However, Square Enix doesn’t seem willing to stop there and has dropped a teaser trailer for our favorite little gun slinger – Prompto. He will be in a DLC appropriately called “Episode Prompto”. I’ll warn you now though, this doesn’t seem to be the happy go lucky character we are use to.

The teaser was showcased earlier this year in Japan, and also at the end of Episode Gladiolus. It allows us to see a very different Prompto than what we are use to, and will likely give us some serious depth to a character that others might have felt was lacking.

The DLC will launch sometime in June, and will be available to all Season Pass holders. How the DLC’s story will pan out remains to be seen, but I’m looking forward to it. Let us know in the comments on what you think of the trailer, and what it means for dear old Prompto.

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