Destiny 2: Teaser Trailer – “Last Call”

Bungie wants to make sure that we don’t forget that Destiny 2 is coming, that said – they have released a teaser trailer. The teasers name is called “Last Call” and features Cayde -6, played by actor Nathan Fillion, who is enjoying a nice glass of booze as he humorously laments on some space fight he has taken part in.

Admittedly the trailer doesn’t actually show gameplay from the upcoming game Destiny 2, but it did let players know that a “worldwide trailer” would be dropped March 30th. That’s right guys, a trailer about a trailer.

I sometimes really love the gaming world and it’s little nuances.

The trailer itself is pretty funny, with Nathan Fillion playing his role as Cayde-6 amusingly well. The character himself seems to be enjoying a drink as Destiny’s The Last City falls to bits all around him. What that mean’s for the game’s story is beyond us currently, but it does seem like fun.

With Destiny 2 rumoured to be coming to our doors sometime this September, gamers who loved the first game are more than excited for its sequel. Though some will likely be unhappy with the fact that PS4 owners seem to be getting the better end of the deal for a little while, as exclusive content will be released to the system first. That said, let us know in comments what your hoping for in the upcoming game, and what you hope they keep from the previous title.

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