Nintendo Switch: Wifi Not Working? Just Hit The Reboot.

Recently Nintendo Switches have been suffering from wifi issues, with no one any the wiser on what to do to fix them. As it stood, everyone was denied access to not only their eShop but also potential multiplayer games coming up. That said the answer seems to be amazingly simple, and something everyone should have figured out already – but apparently didn’t.

Reboot your console.

That means holding down on the button in the top left corner of your gaming screen until your power options pop up, and boom hit Restart. Once that’s happened, apparently, you should be good to go.

Why this seems to work, as even staff over at Kotaku have reported it working on their own consoles, is beyond anyone. It just seems like one of those stupid hiccups in our consoles that needed a gentle burping to make everything all good again.

If you’ve been having problems with your Switch, let us know in the comments if this helped you any or if you’ve found any other fixes to the issue.

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