Vampyr: Follow Up To Life Is Strange

When the Tell Tale esque game, Life is Strange, came to our gaming pleasure back in January 2015 we also came to know about another game from the same company: Vampyr. Going forward since then, and banking of the success of its first title, the french company Dontnod has been keeping as all up to date with news on its newest title.

The upcoming game takes a step away from the episodic adventure that Life is Strange represented, and is now becoming a third person action role playing game. It’s set in 1918 London, with players taking on the role of a physician named Jonathan Ried – a man turned vampire.

What we know about the character is limited, only that Reid finds himself awake in a huge grave during the Spanish flu epidemic – a rather changed man. From there the game focuses not only Reid coming to terms with his new condition, but also on how to either cure or deal with the issue.

Combat itself will lead off the character’s skill set, according to the development team. Gregory Szues, the game’s art director, said that “Dr. Jonathan Reid was in the war… He was trained as a soldier at some point and he brought back some ideas, so he will definitely use that, like trench clubs and things he brought back with him. He still uses his service weapon — a Webley — and a blade. And the combat will happen in the streets, in the sewers. It’s not going to be about mortar shells.”

However the biggest moral decision of the game lays in, obviously, who to kill. As lest we forget, we are a vampire in the game. At some point you will take a life, however when and where is seemingly important. Especially as there is a group of vampire hunters chasing down Jonathan, and the evolution of his abilities is the only way through which he may survive to find a cure. Killing means evolving, but killing means to become less human.

The development team wants players to think of “Who am I going to kill and who am I going to spare?”, going on to realize that the development team has “created a wide variety of citizen archetypes, very different archetypes, so you can really decide to play the game like Dexter, as he would do in the TV show. Or you can decide to do it the other way, be like Jack the Ripper and take lives and just feed and be in full possession of your supernatural skills.” That said, while the development team does state that they don’t want to influence your moral decisions I’m sure, if their previous game is anything to go by, your moral decisions will have an effect on the end of the game.

Vampyr will arrive this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. It will be non episodic and only 15-30 hours in terms of game play, but seems to be a slightly dark and fun game. If nothing else we will give the game a whirl when it drops and let you know what we think

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