Lethal League: Coming To Xbox One and PS4

A fun little game called Lethal League, a four player fighting game that involves quite a bit of smashing and praying, is making its way over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game first caught some popularity on the PC back in 2014 when it launched, and seems to have garnered enough support to be making the plunge onto our consoles. Team Reptile, the games developers, had this to say on it’s upcoming release:

“From the moment we started the development of Lethal League some years ago we felt that the ideal way to play this game would be on consoles…It’s a big milestone for us to finally release our first console title, with Lethal League we believe we will make a solid console debut”.

Apparently bringing it to the console forced the team to rebuild the game from the ground up, allowing for them to bring the game to eight new languages previously unavailable for play. That said, it has – from the video above – kept its game play the same and will cause a barrel of laughs for friends everywhere.

To those of you who haven’t had the chance to play the game, I would honestly suggest you snag it. While it’s hard to explain the game per se, It’s a honestly a barrel of laughs. The crux of the game lies in using your character of choice to hit a ball that appears in the middle of the gaming map at your opponent. A ball that begins to pick up speed at an alarming rate – and doesn’t seem to follow normal flight patterns due to different styles of gameplay. While admittedly it sounds really simple, it’s immensely fun.

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