Lake Ridden: A New Horror Indie Game

For those of you who like games like Firewatch, where they seem to explore a unique narrative as opposed to a mad slash and dash kind of gameplay,the writers over at Polygon just reported a new indie number that you might like.

The game’s name is Lake Ridden, and while not scary by any means – at least at from initial viewing – the game does look like it might give you a few jumps.

Check out Polygon’s short gameplay footage of the upcoming game:

The game’s main storyline fixates on a young girl named Marie. She must search a rather creepy looking forest, at night of course, for her missing younger sister. As you progress simple puzzles will hinder your path, but nothing that should cause anything but a momentary hitch in story progression.

Lake Ridden is slotted for release sometime next year on the PC. Let us know in the comments on whether or not this type of gameplay interests you or not – personally I’m a fan.

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