Leaked Destiny Poster: Release Date September?

So, as all games seem to, a leaked release date has been announced for the upcoming title Destiny 2. It’s slated for release this September 8th.

This date comes to us via a leaked poster picture, which features three Guardians beside a Destiny 2 logo. To those of you following Destiny news, this has been the closest to release date information that Bungie has given us and thus likely falls on some excited ears.


The leaked date has a truthfully ring to it as well, especially when one considers that Destiny was released Sept 9th, 2014, The Taken King DLC was released Sept 15, 2015, and Rise of Iron was released Sept 20th, 2016. Obviously Bungie has a fixation on the month of september, and Destiny 2 seems likely to follow suit.

An interesting piece to note comes to us by a random Twitter user, who pointed out the PlayStation logo in the far right corner of the image. It has led to slight speculation that Sony will be getting the game a little earlier than the competition.

Nothing has been actually confirmed by Bungie as of yet, but hey – in the gaming world we speculate constantly. Let us know below on what you think of this ‘leak’ and whether it’s valid or not.

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